A New Twist on an Old Business Model

The idea of getting involved in network marketing might not fill you with enthusiasm. The thought of having to give those closest to you the hard sell probably leaves you pretty non-plussed. Especially if you’ve come across some of the stories of people going for a nice evening of food and a few drinks round a friends place, only to walk into a full on sales presentation. Not at all something that I’d like to be involved in.

But is that standard for all network marketing opportunities?

Do you really have to employ these stone-age business building tactics if you want to get involved in network marketing?

Surely, now we are in the internet age, things have progressed and we don’t need to use those tactics any more. After all, network marketing companies are some big businesses. Diamond directors are multi-millionaires in numerous of these companies.

Obviously the business model works, it is proven, it makes money, maybe you just need to adapt some of the tactics in a way that’s comfortable for you. Or you might be the kind of person that enjoys all the social, face to face meetings and presentations aspect of network marketing.

I’m not knocking it. It’s just not something I am comfortable with. And chances are it’s something a lot of people are not comfortable with. Because, to be fair, most people are not good salesman, not good at selling full stop. Well I know that I’m not anyway. And to be honest, a lot of the people that I have come across trying to make a sale to me are not either. And it shows.

So there has to be a way of taking the internet technologies and applying them to network marketing. And again, I’m not saying that the network marketing method of doing things isn’t right. I just think that it can be more successful and comfortable for people by taking on some of the benefits the internet can offer.

So that is where the internet network marketer comes into play. So how do you go about creating a successful business if you don’t like to sell?

Well apply the tools that take care of the parts you don’t want to do. Focus on putting things in place that can introduce you and your company for you. And only speak to people that had already been educated on your products and company.

Then you don’t need to get out there and do all the finding and gathering of prospects; and that is a big thing when it comes to this business. Because you only really wan to be talking with people that have shown an interest in what you’re doing, and not people who have no interest and never will have.

It cuts out you having to pitch to ninety nine people just to find that one person that may be interested. That’s the hard part. So if you can put systems in place to get that part of it automated for you, then you could be setting yourself up for a really profitable, and fun business. Because network marketing can be a fantastic online business, that anyone can have success with.