Sustainable Education for a Healthier Future

Education gives knowledge which as Bacon rightly puts, is a "source of power to man". However, it is crucial we note that this power can function either as one employed to build More »

Paying Off in the Balance

One of the first things that attracts someone to a CRNA program is a nurse anesthetist salaries. However, before you decide that being a CRNA is for you, make sure you learn More »

The Best Way to Learn Forex and Starting Investing in the Currency Markets

There are many methods to learn Forex at a level that you could help you make money in the markets. The one and only way I would not suggest trying is through More »

Music Manager For Musicians

A music manager is the one who is in charge of all the little details as he or she keeps track of all the little (and not so little!) details so everything More »

A New Twist on an Old Business Model

The idea of getting involved in network marketing might not fill you with enthusiasm. The thought of having to give those closest to you the hard sell probably leaves you pretty non-plussed. More »

It’s Good to Know All Your Options

In another of my articles I dealt with the issues of developing trust and getting a fresh start. Not only will developing trust with your Short Sale clients be important in this business, trust is the building block to doing business with anyone.

I have to admit, I’m no Mother Teresa. I’ve told my share of white lies in my life, most of them to my wife who is a terrible snoop during the holidays. But when it comes to telling the people going through a foreclosure their options, the truth is the only thing that matters. My goal is always to be brutally honest with people at all times.

This article will deal with not sugarcoating the situation people going through a foreclosure are in and laying out those options in a way that is understandable. If you don’t know what all the options are, maybe the list below will help.

If your goal is to assist these people through the Short Sale process, regardless if you are working these properties as a Real Estate professional or an Investor, you need to be able to explain to them the

Working Smart From Home

While working from home it would be handy to keep these tips in mind when looking at potential jobs:

If you’re working somewhere, ask around your current workplace to see if any job and not just the one you’re working at now is movable or portable. A written plan explaining to your current employer about your ideas may help get you what you want. It’s a good idea to expect a lot from the current competition. A lot of people would love to work from home and will go inquire with any company they think have higher chances of hiring them. Don’t expect to hit jackpot or a fortune when deciding to work from home. The sure shot sign of something that is a shoddy scam is the promise of huge and multiple rewards with little effort or hard work. Real stay at home jobs tend to involve hard work, basic skills and a clever business sense.

Look out for any opportunities which involve pushing envelopes and assembling tasks, these activities profit just the promoters of these jobs. Most people

A Viable Alternative to Conventional Education

Statistics show that elementary home schooling is the ideal time to start a home schooling program for a child. Children who enter home schooling during the elementary years are the students that tend to succeed the most. Throughout the course of their home schooling, these children will reach the highest level of academics when compared to the national average. Additionally, students who start young, often find themselves three to four grade levels above that of their public school peers.

On the other hand, high school home schooling can be extremely challenging. By the time a child reaches this level of education, they may be far too advanced in their educational needs to be taught by you. If that is the case, it will be necessary to seek out various resources that are available for home schooling. Online resources that provide both curriculums, and textbooks are available, which will allow a child to learn through the web. Classes can be held in a virtual classroom, students can use a web cam to participate, or they can be simply assessing lecture-based courses online as well.

Before considering a home school

Sustainable Education for a Healthier Future

Education gives knowledge which as Bacon rightly puts, is a “source of power to man”. However, it is crucial we note that this power can function either as one employed to build a better future or as one that destroys.

Our masters, the likes of Galileo, after much philosophizing and experimentation, discovered truths and initiated beneficial principles now observed in our educational system. Their great philosophies are perfect for numerous situations, but our system does not show scholars the path to think and understand the proper situations to apply them. This is chiefly because the concentration of teachings nowadays is not to make people think, which ought to be the primary goal, but chiefly to uphold existing laws, reasoning in the confinement of principles, and empowering indirectly an unsustainable world.

Acquiring Knowledge of established principles is good. But our educational system is leaving out an essential goal of growing our thinking faculty, by not grounding scholars with the understanding that the established principles are simply discoveries employed to help and should not be taken as final. Such limits our sense of discovery needed to address the diverse problems growing in our world.

Time or

Paying Off in the Balance

One of the first things that attracts someone to a CRNA program is a nurse anesthetist salaries. However, before you decide that being a CRNA is for you, make sure you learn all the requirements and balances that make a top salary possible.


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) must have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and be a registered nurse. They are also required to have a two year Master’s Degree in Anesthesia and a year of internship. This heavy requirement means a CRNA must work steadily both on their education and the requirements of certification in order to get with the license to provide anesthesia.

The Plusses

There are a lot of good things about being a CRNA. You work with the supervision of an Anesthesiologist or MD Anesthetist so you always have an expert available to help you with any needs. The median salary for a CRNA is higher than any other nursing certification at $146,000 a year. In states where CRNA’s can have their own business, they can become independent contractors, pulling in a larger salary than the median and working for themselves. They often have different hours than that

The Best Way to Learn Forex and Starting Investing in the Currency Markets

There are many methods to learn Forex at a level that you could help you make money in the markets. The one and only way I would not suggest trying is through trail and error. There is a reason that books where invented decades ago, which was to pass along knowledge that had already been gained. Today there are many exceptional currency training courses on the market that teach an almost endless number of Forex trading strategies. Each of these techniques have there plusses and minuses and I will discuss a few of my favorite training classes below.

If you are completely new to trading or just what something that is very simple to use, does not require a great deal of time to learn and is not very complicated then the course Forex Made E-Z is just what you need. It is a trading method I discovered a few years ago that I use every day which is a low risk technique that produces consistent profits.

The trading procedure taught in this class is called Forex Scalping, which simply means you are trying to get in and out of the market very quickly with a

Music Manager For Musicians

A music manager is the one who is in charge of all the little details as he or she keeps track of all the little (and not so little!) details so everything runs smoothly. As a manager, you decide where the artists will perform, when they will be there, how they are getting there, where they stay while they are on tour, and handle all the financial matters. A musical artist wants to focus on making their music. As a music manager, you do just about everything else.

How do they get the skills? Getting a degree in music management through a school or other study program will ensure you know just about everything you need to know about the business, but it is not, of course, completely necessary. Few musical stars had to go to school to get a diploma to be a rock star, and they did just fine picking it up as they went along.

In fact, up until a little while ago, these degrees were not even available and as with most higher education degrees, they do not come cheap. There are plusses and minuses to either approach, and while having a

A New Twist on an Old Business Model

The idea of getting involved in network marketing might not fill you with enthusiasm. The thought of having to give those closest to you the hard sell probably leaves you pretty non-plussed. Especially if you’ve come across some of the stories of people going for a nice evening of food and a few drinks round a friends place, only to walk into a full on sales presentation. Not at all something that I’d like to be involved in.

But is that standard for all network marketing opportunities?

Do you really have to employ these stone-age business building tactics if you want to get involved in network marketing?

Surely, now we are in the internet age, things have progressed and we don’t need to use those tactics any more. After all, network marketing companies are some big businesses. Diamond directors are multi-millionaires in numerous of these companies.

Obviously the business model works, it is proven, it makes money, maybe you just need to adapt some of the tactics in a way that’s comfortable for you. Or you might be the kind of person that enjoys all the social, face to face meetings and presentations aspect

Advantages to Marketing With Articles That Are Easy to Work With

There are many thousands of articles on the internet, and more appear daily. Out of all these articles, however, only a small percentage do the author any good. Article marketing, if done correctly, can be a very effective way to get traffic to your website and market your products or services. Let’s look at some of the reasons why article marketing can be so beneficial to internet marketers.

One of the more obvious perks of article marketing is that you gain an ability to easily pre-sell your products. Naturally, informative articles can warm up your potential customers about the product and provide them with enough information to assist them in making their purchasing decision. Essentially, the article is not meant to be a sales pitch, but rather educating potential buyers of the items or the problem it will be able to solve. This can definitely make your sales figures higher because when your prospect has made up their mind to buy something, it’ll be easier for you to conduct a sale. Several article marketers don’t put this technique to use and hope to be flooded with traffic, when the truth is they can use their articles for

A Great Way to Get Fit in a Hurry

Just about anyone can enjoy bootcamp fitness. You can either participate in a bootcamp setting or you can enjoy getting fit at home. There are some wonderful things about a bootcamp, however. You get to work out with other people who are also trying to get fit. Even though it is a bootcamp you still get to train at your own pace. You should push yourself a little in order to reap the benefits.

The Bootcamp Setting

There are many plusses to a bootcamp setting. For one thing you will get to work outdoors at most bootcamps. You will be able to enjoy the company of others who are also trying to get fit. In many cases you will work as teams with others to get fit by playing fitness games and doing races and other team sports. Sometimes just having other people to exercise with in a bootcamp setting can inspire you to do more and exercise harder. It may be just what you need to get motivated to get in shape. There will be physical trainers who are often referred to as drill instructors on hand to teach you and help you with your

Bundled Cable TV and Internet Packages Can Save You Some Money

More than likely you have heard the following saying, which is “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. When it comes to getting both your internet and cable TV from the same company, sometimes it is a very good deal, and other times, you should be using more than one company.

Each and every location and deal is going to be different when it comes to it being a good deal, or not. So, if you want to be absolutely sure you paying as little as possible while receiving the highest quality product, you are going to need to spend a little time researching your alternatives.

When it comes to cable TV, your three options are the cable itself, a satellite system, or receiving it over the internet. Presently, the internet TV industry is still in its infancy, and should improve significantly over the next decade or two.

That being said, there still are some very good deals to be had, if you look around for them. The problem with internet TV currently, is that you almost always have to purchase special equipment to view it on your television set. You

The Facilities of Owning a De Waterkant Property

Living in South Africa requires a lot of research and rational thinking because, as living anywhere in the world, there are plusses and minuses, advantages and disadvantages. There are many people who really enjoy living in South Africa. For those people, Africa it is a way to leave life adventurous, to leave the ordinary behind while taking risks and learning more about the world.

Suburbian South Africa is more quiet and peaceful, the prices are lower than in the city. De Waterkant properties are situated at Green Point along the Somerset Road, near the Bo Kaap suburb. De Waterkant is the name used to indicate that the suburb is situated at “The Waters’ Edge”. This suburb is newly renovated and it offers a bright perspective on city living.

Diverse range of De Waterkant property can be found in means of location, facilities and prices. Apartments and cottages, free living homes or semi-detached dwellings can also be found. The surroundings offer great views of the mountains and the fresh air helps De Waterhank property owners appreciate and enjoy life more.

The houses are deceptively small at the outside but offer generous space through well thought techniques

Finance Your Startup in the Community

Finding finance for your startup may be easiest within your own community. Your ‘community’ could be in terms of relationships, geography, field of interest or affiliation.

Community Financed Business is not a generally accepted term. However, there are an increasing number of ways that businesses are financially supported within a community. Some are very traditional, such as coops that started in the nineteenth century and new ones are emerging all the time. An example is crowdfunding, that springs very recently from the social networking phenomenon.

The impetus is coming from two directions. The first is the disaffection for Wall Street and all that ‘big banking’ represents. The other is the burgeoning ‘local’ movement, the natural offspring of environmentalism.

Keeping funding in your own community has advantages and disadvantages. Some of the plusses are that you know the people providing money and your business is ‘visible’ to them. Banks have a very bureaucratic approach and lending decisions have to be ‘passed up the line’ to a corporate office somewhere else. With community finance, your access to the lenders is easy and in most cases will be face-to-face. Minuses include the reverse of that coin: you will

Why I Live in Montreal

I’d like to tell you why I live in Montreal.

I came here in 1990. I was fresh from my Master’s programme in English Literature and needed a second-language credit to finish, so I came to do French immersion. Two weeks into the programme, I knew I was going to stay.

Although I’d grown up in Ontario and gone to university in Toronto and Hamilton, I never quite felt like I belonged. There was something about the formality of my education environments that always troubled me.

I never felt good enough or competitive enough. Although I now understand there were myriad reasons for my feeling this way-my natural temperament being one–external and measurable reasons existed too.

I was born in the 1960s, before the celebration of multi-culturalism in this country became standard operating procedure, and my parents had felt the lash of xenophobia. They were afraid of authority because they had reason to be. Although their fears had more to do with social ostracism than anything else, I could see, even as a child, that they occupied what they felt was a safe space on the periphery of Canadian culture. There was a reason

Ralph Waldo Emerson from the ‘Look Who’s Talking Series

Such an ado was made at my passing from this life. Surely people knew that I was ready for the journey. Near the end, my memory failed, and my mind was not as keen and agile as it had been. I no longer wrote, nor could I converse with a degree of competency. Time had taken its toll, but I had been ready and I knew I was about to embark on another journey.

It had been an easy life that I enjoyed during the early times. Life was not complex. I came from a respected family, was fortunate to receive a good education, and had the benefits of good friends of intelligence.

As a young man I aspired to become a minister. I achieved that goal, but in time I determined it was not the life for me. My philosophies were not readily acceptable to the clergy. When I left the ministry, I embarked on a trip to England where I had longed to go to meet with men of literature. In my youthful mind, I believed this young country of America had no literary masters.

In years to come, I would know

Where to Find Help When Mourning the Death

Are you wondering what to do in order to deal with the wrenching pain, or if what you are feeling is normal? Are you not sure who to rely on with the deep feelings you need to share? How can you find the help you need? There are many answers to these questions.

To begin with, be assured there is nothing wrong with seeking help. We need each other, especially when someone we love has died. And even if you have an adequate support system, there is much about grief you may still need to learn if you had poor grief models as a child. So what can you do? Here are six sources to call upon as you see fit. It is your grief, and you need to grieve in your own individual way.

1. Obviously, the first choice for assistance should be those who you feel you have the most trusting relationships with. But then, decide who the best listeners are. Who will let you express your pain, witness it, and not try to fix it? Not everyone can do that. Who will hang in there with you for the long haul? All friends

How to Help Them Deal With Bullying

Children with autism and aspergers have a great number of positive characteristics. Unfortunately, the sensitivities of children on the playground and the social scene in middle and high school can be very different from adults who have a lot more education and sensitivity toward those who are different.

Parents may suspect that their children are being bullied when the show some of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Missing or broken possessions
  • Torn clothing or clothing and other items that have been scribbled on
  • Frequent cuts and bruises
  • Increased anxiety
  • School refusal, cutting classes
  • Complaints of digestive upset or headaches
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Depression
  • Morbid or suicidal thoughts
  • Personality change, modeling bullying behavior at home

What is a parent to do if they suspect that some of this is going on?

1) Help the child understand his/her diagnosis. It’s important for the child and the parents to have a working understanding of how the child’s mind works and why s/he may be having some of the difficulties in school. Understanding the plusses and being able to work on areas of growth are key in addressing the bullying.

2) Help the teacher, school social worker, and principal understand your child’s diagnosis. Present them with articles

Finding a Qualified Guitar Teacher

Here are some tips for parents to evaluate potential teachers, understand your role in your child’s lessons, and to help find a qualified teacher.

So you’ve decided to seek out a qualified guitar instructor for your child. Where to start? Well, some choices are to use search engines, phone books, local music stores, and local schools and colleges to find a teacher near you. The challenge, however, is to find someone who is both well qualified and enjoys teaching children. How do you know if a teacher is well qualified you ask? Good question. There is no governing board for private guitar teachers that specifies a specific education or certification requirement, so you have to inquire about your teacher’s background yourself.

Some considerations when selecting a guitar teacher for your child should include the following:

1) How long has the potential teacher been teaching full time? It takes several years and hundreds of students to really learn how to teach effectively, regardless of the teacher’s formal education. A teacher learns the most common problems and their solutions during the first few years of teaching and will generally be a much better teacher at 3 years

Six Secrets to Ensure Success

Retirement (n): removal or withdrawal from service, office, or business; withdrawal into privacy or seclusion.

WRONG! With apologies to Webster’s Dictionary, this is no longer your father’s (or mother’s) retirement. Today’s retirees, and those approaching retirement, differ from their parents in a number of important ways. Baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are living longer, perhaps spending 30 or more years in retirement. As a group, they are healthier, more active physically and mentally, more affluent, more educated, and more likely to relocate after retiring. Although seemingly an oxymoron, more Boomers plan to continue working in retirement and view retirement as a process, rather than an end, with perhaps several forays into and out of the workforce

This truly is a “new” retirement. In fact, many believe the word “retirement” itself needs to be retired – the word no longer represents the porch-rocking, shuffle-board playing, early-bird dining, silver-haired stereotype of yore. So, how can you plan for a successful, happy transition into the second half of your life? I’d like to offer six secrets:

Secret 1: Have Strong Social Support

Who would have known Barbra Streisand foreshadowed the results of a scientific

Humor And Discipline In The Classroom

After a forty-point performance the night before, Greg, a high school basketball star, arrives late for the third time to his economics class. Mr. Stalls says, “Hey Greg, with all the stardom you’re getting on the court, I’m glad to see that your head still fits through the door.” Greg and all the mere mortal students have been signaled, with the use of inoffensive humor, that despite his stardom, the rules apply to him as well.

It is the last time he is late. A tall, long-haired scraggly-looking 16 year old shows up for the third consecutive day without his homework. Instead of writing him up or giving a detention, Ms. Mills pairs him with the most clean-cut, well dressed, smartest female student in the class. For 45 minutes, they work together on his incomplete homework. Not only does the class find this amusing, but the next day his homework is completely done. Thirteen year-old Sean is forever interrupting class discussions or criticizing Mr. Hart’s teaching. After becoming increasingly exasperated, Mr. Hart looks at the bright side. He tries to identify the plusses in having this student in his class. As hard as that is, he comes

Sales & Marketing Plan Strategies

Design and Implementation of a new Sales & Marketing campaign must be carefully thought through from the beginning. What message do you want to send about your company, products, and services? What are the anticipated results? What is the execution strategy? What is the cost ratio versus expected return?

These are just a few of the questions that run through our minds in the early stages of planning. If your goal is revenue growth and expansion, I believe you need to design, develop, and implement your Sales & Marketing plan on that foundation. Here is some criteria to consider while planning:

o Identify your markets and your profit potential in the selected markets

o Segment your markets by customer, service, etc.

o What type of penetration is desired: existing, new, different, or all of the preceding

o Design a plan to include procedures and controls to monitor and evaluate market penetration by segment

o Determine and build internal and external sales strategies

o Evaluate and plan staff training to generate internal monitoring controls, evaluation processes, and customer education if necessary

o Plan to control revenue growth with product mix, product